Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wednesday naptime fun

It's naptime! Well not for me, but little man. I just finished up some deco on a few cups, cleaned my wheel for the first time in months, organized some stuff, took some pictures and now I get to read blogs and blog.

1. I'm in love with Jen Mecca's blog and work. I need to pick her brain on doing the mom thing and having time for ceramics.

2. Carole Epp had an interesting post about things I have been thinking about in regards to decoration vs content. I like where in ended in sometimes you just need to make something that makes you happy.

3.I wish I lived in NC so I could go to Ron Philbeck's pottery sale! Well.. I'd probably be super broke, so maybe it is better this way. ;)

Here are some cups in progress

the lamb mobile

and my favorite, hopefully glazing goes well.

The cassette tape image comes from something Jake has been working on. My husband, Jake, made this incredible website which features so many great indie/jamband/semi unsigned bands. The White Buffalo and Iguanamen de Galapagos are certainly worth a listen.

and finally for the cuteness

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Ron said...

Hey there, so glad to see the pots you are making! Keep at it. Jen would be great to talk to. She's a super woman! Thanks for the link.