Tuesday, March 16, 2010


plates are really fun. holy cow I love a big surface. (i may feel differently after glazing)

and my little swimmer


Kim Hines said...

i just found your blog, i'm interested in reading how you manage to still get anything done w/ a young baby! mine's 15mos old and it's proving almost impossible to get anything done while she's awake, and she doesn't take much of a nap lately! in fact she's right here w/ me trying to help me type lol. i love your work by the way, very nice stuff. :)

Kim Hines said...

almost forgot! your little man is absolutely adorable! :)

monica said...

Hi Kim, so glad you stumbled upon my blog :)

I don't get much work done that is for sure. I've been neglecting other stuff to run into the home studio during nap time, which is super erratic and I never know how long I will have. Some days it is 2-3hrs, others 20 minutes and then days like yesterday where his spidey sense is in full fore and wont sleep if i'm not holding him.

And my husband watches hunter a few hours a week so I can get some uninterrupted time.

I'm still trying to balance and adjust to a much slower work pace.