Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kiln unloaded!

Not too shabby, will post pictures later.

I'm not jumping up and down, but do really like them. I'm looking forward from learning and tweaking the glaze applications.

I finally gave up on mixing a clear recipe and used the studios. It took 6 days to end up with a bucket of mystery glaze. Each day I had enough time to measure out 1 ingredient. I had it all mixed, added water... oops too much water. No problem right? just add 500g... by the time i got around to adding 100g of wollastonite I had messed up on writing down what I had already added. :/

sigh. my focus just isn't here. I need a magical glaze gnome to mix and test glazes for me.

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Kim Hines said...

you're not alone! right now i have 3 big buckets of mystery glaze that i have no idea what i did wrong. i kept records, checked off each item as i measured it out and again before i put it in the bucket. still looks like poop... so now i only measure glazes either when the kids are asleep at night (too much danger of a short nap during the day) or when their dads home and in charge. i also won't do it when i'm tired lol. i can sieve the glaze when the kids are around, but don't want them around the dry chemicals. so i put the dry stuff in a bucket of water as i go and i can bring it in the house to finish. right now i've got 3-4 different glazes i have to finish off lol. :)