Monday, April 27, 2009

my absence

Sorry I haven't been communicating at all since coming home from NCECA. I had grand plans of living in the studio but I haven't been in the studio for more than 10 mins since coming home. Where have I been? I've been huddled over the toilet or sleeping. Swine flu? bird flu? nope, it's baby flu! Turns out that Jake and I are 8.5 weeks pregnant. We were pretty shocked, stoked, and nervous all wrapped into 1. I know I should have waited another 3-4 weeks before talking about it, but I've had a hard time not telling people or thinking about it. First time I have been thankful that I don't have a full time job, since I have been sleeping 15hrs a day. This pregnancy thing is no joke. So anyone reading this, need some good vibes and crossing our fingers that it is a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby by December 6th. Which means I will be in the middle of my 2nd semester at Penland... I'm not sure how that is going to work out :( I may have to miss the Ayumi Horie Workshop, but hopefully I'm more active by then. So that's the big news from north florida and i'll have ultra sound pictures by friday :) The bathroom is calling my name.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

new sketches

I've been working through some new ideas. I have rows of cups sitting on the shelves waiting to be carved and bisqued.

I want to play with a line graphic element and text. Thinking about incorporating a new color next to the translucent light green glaze, maybe a soft matte yellow?

my father in law was talking about collecting sentences the other week and i love that sentence. Ever since then i've been writing ones down that catch my fancy in books, everyday conversation bits. So don't be surprised if a bowl comes out with tiny text that says i wish my mustache was bigger.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have the best dishes ever.


In the batch are
Emily Reason
Joy Tanner
Landry Deese
Kristen Swanson
Brooke Noble
Matt Kellher
someone named brenda if anyone knows her last name please let me know! got the mug at the NCECA cup sale
Judi Tavill
Ayumi Horie
Diana Fayt
Linda McFarlane
and an assortment of my own that had issues but didn't have the heart to smash.

best.dishwasher. ever.

all you ever wanted to know about me

patty from pixie soap has been doing these fun interviews with the etsy mud team folks

more NCECA thoughts and pics to come once i decompress from all this crazy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

roberta smith, keynote extraordinaire.

Roberta Smith is , in my opinion, a very good art critic. She recently wrote about the Philadelphia ICA show, dirt on delight.

Huge props to her for approaching ceramics in the "art world" topic to start off the evening. It wasn't well received and 30-40% of the crowd walked out during her talk which made it a little awkward.

where the exodus happened.

I loved every minute of what she had to say because it was the UPenn senior critic jargon and I'm now far enough away from the grad school experience to understand what they/ she was saying.

She started off with something about understanding why the clay community is shunned by fine art. Cue for the masses to leave. It was awkward to say the least and I don't think a lot of people understood where she was coming from.

She didn't touch upon utilitarian work directly which caused more people to leave and approached the entire talk from the NYC perspective. This caused a lot of grumbling and ill feeling, at least to the crowd around me and it was very evident at the end during the Q & A session.

She spoke in great depth about the heavy hitters in the art world using clay as a medium, Julian schnabel, Koons, Pollock etc. Called Ken Price the pollock of the ceramic world. (oooh not so tactful roberta)

and then did an in depth review of the artists and art represented at the ICA dirt on delight show. She mentioned Jane Irish and my heart fluttered. Jane is the UPenn grad program coordinator and the only faculty member who was a fan of my work.

Roberta also spoke about object relationships to pedestals which is a topic near and dear to my very own breakdown of sanity and for the love of all things, I still cannot wrap my head around why this is so fucking important. I get the history of it but critics you need to drop it and move on. (sorry rant)

In regards to the ICA show she spoke about objects being poorly made and the use of clay by non ceramic artists as being unskilled approach and that skill is tied into craft. (whew that ruffled some audience feathers, cue stampede to get to the doors) She referenced the work that was non functioning, weird proportions, heavy, over glazed that is rampant. ie: sterling ruby

Roberta said a few "nice" things about ceramics like it's the only medium whee you are really touching the artists marks. She also understood and talked about misrepresentation of ceramics in fine art and how the ICA show was skewed, but that she loved it because it's a start and you gotta start somewhere. She drew parallels to the conceptual art movement that broke apart modernism and said she thought clay was entering the break through stage since todays artists are post material and that material does not dictate, pigeonhole anymore.

She ended the talk with the idea that we live in a visually illiterate nation and what the job of the critic is, also touched upon learning to listen to yourself, honing in on your gut reaction.

let's just say the Q & A was brutal.

my favorite quote of the night.

"If you make something and I can tell you what it is about, one of us is stupid."

here are some pictures!! way better than words :)





for ron


I would go back and title these pictures but i'm a little exhausted, maybe i'll fix it tomorrow.

people look like their pots

no seriously, i think it's like the dog/owner phenomena.

I was walking around downtown phoenix last night and whoah the town has been invaded. I'm loving all of the beards! I recognize many many people that I don't actually know so that's a bit weird, but when I try to put a name to a face it's so much easier to put a pot to it. Maybe i'll post examples of my discovery later.

Monday, April 6, 2009

nceca nceca nceca wooooo!

I get on the fancy plane for phoenix tomorrow morning. It will be my first time at a ceramic convention and i'm stoked!!! The main factor in deciding to go was that one of my best friends from undergrad lives in phoenix and i haven't seen him in 5 years. Not sure what i'm more excited about being in the same place as ceramic greats, listening to lectures, and seeing beautiful ceramic things or seeing matt. Both are pretty exciting and right now i'm one happy person.


oh and i'm also getting a new kiln next week. goodbye low medium high dial.

I want to participate in the Nceca cup donation but not sure which one to donate.


I like the dunce and donkey chasing tail. But the dunce has some small pinholing issues.

the donkey will get a few pics because it goes all the way round the cup

regular rainy day mug

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

rainy day pinholes and good news

I have some slight pinholing. argh. I was late in getting the firing started and tried to rush through it so I could go to bed.
here are some pics anyway.






in other news, I need to get on the boat with the white balance feature on my camera.

and... I'm going to penland again this summer!!! thanks to some grant money and getting into the ayumi horie workshop. I'm feeling like a stalker since i look at her stuff pretty much everyday. I'm such a fan and so excited to be in the same room as her. Penland is such a great experience and the people in and around the community are simply amazing. So i'm thrilled to be going back and saying hi to John Britt and checking out Joy Tanner and Michael Kline's studios.