Wednesday, March 3, 2010

we have action, well sort of

After an 11 month hiatus I have 13 cups. lol. Man everything takes so much longer when I'm running back in to check up on Hunter.

So many things change. I thought I was happy where I left off making work that looked like this

but upon coming back to clay I decided to play around a bit, no rush in going back into "production" mode. (nothing is ever a rush anymore)

So I joined a clay class so I could get out of the house for 2hrs a week, but that didn't last long before I started feeling guilty. I have a studio set up in the garage so I tried to sneak in time during daytime naps... lo and behold Hunter doesn't like to nap during the day unless he is attached to me.

But with the small amount of time I had this is what I played around with and ended up using the studio glazes and underglazes. I really wanted to do some glaze testing but it is nearly impossible to do such things 10 minutes at a time. :)


Ron said...

Yay!!! Pots!! Way to go. Looking good. Nice shot w. the spark plugs in the background too! he he.

monica said...

Thanks Ron, lol. The spark plugs are for Jakes newest project, a 1948 Chevy. It runs somewhat but most of the time Jake has to push it. :)
I'm still all over the place with what direction I want to go in. I loved something about all the clay bodies I was working with.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and posting :)