Sunday, March 22, 2009

wacom tablets

are the cooolest thing ever.

my first wacom tablet drawing.


(it's a pig)


(sometimes i just don't know)

I'm stoaked. I've watched jake use this thing hundreds of times and have been slightly jealous. I tried it once before just making lines but didn't feel right.

I'm feeling a new website redo with animal drawings and animations. It's probably time to brush my installation/ grad school work into the corner since I'm nowhere near there anymore.


Ron said...

Wow those tablets are totally cool. What model does Jake have?

monica said...

His answer was super cheapy best buy model. I looked at the bottom and it looks like it's the cte-440. It doesn't respond all that quickly but for making quick drawings and web shenanigans it works pretty well. Jake designed his site using it. (

Ron said...

Holy Cow that's cool stuff.