Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunday morning

We woke up around 6am ready to party. Jake and I are pretty awesome at falling asleep at 8pm on a saturday night. Both of us sunburnt and exhausted from the seafood and music fest in jacksonville beach. It was lots of fun and the music was great. Sooo many babies everywhere. Not sure if I just have baby goggles on or if everyone is reproducing.

anyway, on to muddy goodness. I won't lie I did the happy dance when I realized that Ron Philbeck has been reading my blog and even linked it to his blog this morning. (how's that link for some circular linking) I feel like i've been pseudo blog stalking these ceramicists for a while.

This morning I trimmed some bowls and sketched out forms for honeypots, teapots, and loaded a bisque. Not a full load cause I needed to push through my bunny for the bunny challenge.

we were watching the seagulls pick apart fried alligator tail at the fest.

please don't mind the laundry detergent and greenware on the washer.

bunny update, i'm regretting the polka dots.


terraworks said...

You had me laughing out loud this morning reading the EMT forum on your reaction to being in Rons blog.
Oh my! I put my wares on the washer and dryer too because my kiln is in my garage next to them (;
Thanks for the laugh! I can not wait to see your wares completed (;

Becky said...

Hi Monica, found the link to your blog via Ron's my instructor at Clayworks). What wonderful drawings you do on your pieces! Got a HUGE kick out of seeing your work in the laundry room. The top of my washer almost always is home to what I'm working on. Sometimes they sit on the range (always off) as well.
Any port in a storm I guess? :)
Seriously, I love your work!

jimgottuso said...

really like the bird drawing on the cup... hope to see it when it comes out of the kiln