Thursday, March 26, 2009

thursday, cloudy thursday

I have some new pilsner mugs with more intricate drawings on them. I really enjoy taking my time and adding detail to the drawings.


dunce cap


stork- i've been drawing them quite a bit out of the blue. Jake was making funny of me because he says my biological clock is showing. oh.


The other 2 have a fancy pig on one, which i love, and a parade of animals led by a little boy with a flag.

I have a few honey pots and mortar/pestle guys to draw on and then throw a whole range of things. Maybe i'll tackle plates after this post and tax fun.


Laura Shema said...

Oh man, look at you. pumping it out!
I cant wait to see them. can i buy a beer mug?

monica said...

oh man laura, these new pilsner mugs are the ones that I was channeling my inner laura for patterns. I wanted to get an awesome shirt pattern on the dunce cup (ended up with polka dots, lol) I wish our studios were close again so i could walk into your space and ask you to carve a pattern into the mug. damn the long distance and inability to ship greenware safely. I've been dreaming about your paintings on my cups. (and of course you can buy a mug, i'll email you pictures when i'm done with this batch and see if you like any)

terraworks said...

Loving all the new designs- The dunce cap boy is hilarious!

Once again I am anxious to see the final wares~

Ron said...

These are really great.