Sunday, March 15, 2009

Q & A

Q. From Amanda

adore the mugs! what glaze are you using? I'm trying to find a translucent celadonish blue for cone 6-7 and am having no luck!
also- those drawings are all done with the wax resist method? how do you get the shading and the lines?

sorry for all the pestering!


Hi amanda, no pestering at all.

The glaze I use is one that I learned of/ tested during my workshop with John Britt.

The base is Chun clear

F4- 38
Ball Clay- 6
Zinx Ox- 12
2% avacado mason stain

sometimes i'll do 2% bermuda instead of avacado for a bluer green.

I use highwaters helios and the glaze is a great fit for the body. I've only used it at ^7 ox.

A few posts ago i wrote about the wax resist technique. This yielded results like this Photobucket

I wanted something with a little more depth so I busted out the latex wax resist. I carve into the cups in the leather hard stage, after the bisque take a brush and latex resist around the carving. Wipe/ wipe off underglaze on the drawing and then remove the latex buffer. Dunk in glaze and go. Photobucket

hope that answered all your questions. Anyone is more than welcome to purchase an awesomly made cup at etsy and drink out of one to support my quest for making happy objects!


Amanda said...


Ron said...

Hey Monica! Just found you here. Love the cups and the drawings. I'll be checking in often.

monica said...

hi ron! I'm so honored that you found my blog and find it interesting enough to come back. I've been admiring your work for awhile. :)

Michael Kline said...

Hi Monica, Ron sent me! I'll look forward to trying this recipe. I'm doing some cone seven tests for some porcelain dinnerware. I hope that's OK.

monica said...

absolutely michael! I'm more than hapy to share. I won't lie, you and ron posting on my blog is kind of blowing my mind.

I took a workshop with Kristine Michaels last summer at Penland and she teamed up with Mark Shapiro to take a field trip to your studio. Before then I had seldom made anything functional. Being at penland and seeing the studios around there changed me. When I came home I found your blog and have been addicted to pottery blogs and making my work better. So thank you so much.