Saturday, March 14, 2009

finally in the kiln

Glazed this morning and I'm feeling good. Now not to mess this ^7 up and I'll be a happy camper. I feel like I've come a long way with the drawing / glaze technique.

these are pictures before getting dunked in my translucent blue green glaze.



a chair and stack of books for my friend mike. the side reads "eat sleep read"


rubber duckie you're the one!

anyway, i'm looking forward to the morning and then glazing more. I have 30 or so cups and 10 ish bowls that are bisqued, but only have room for 10 cups and 1 bowl in my ittty bitty work horse of a kiln. So i'll be glaze firing all week. Someday I'll get something bigger.


terraworks said...

You are an amazing artist! Thank you for sharing! Love your mugs (;

Amanda said...

adore the mugs! what glaze are you using? I'm trying to find a translucent celadonish blue for cone 6-7 and am having no luck!
also- those drawings are all done with the wax resist method? how do you get the shading and the lines?

sorry for all the pestering!

Anonymous said...

love these in-progress shots. i read about your technique as you explained to amanda... wondering how you get the resist off the bisqued pot before applying the glaze?

monica said...

Hey Jim,

I use a latex resist, i think i may have said latex wax resist in a sentence somewhere and need to edit out the wax part.

I use this stuff, for the new cups. It goes on liquidy and peels off really easy.