Tuesday, August 3, 2010

workshop thoughts

(Diana Fayt platter for sale at mudfire, unless it has already been snatched up)

The workshop was more than fantastic.

I learned so much in the 3 days. I'm still blown away that Diana would teach a workshop on her technique that has taken 15 some years to perfect and here we are getting the cleaned up,nicely packaged up version.

I went into this workshop wanting to know more about color and adding on layers. I came out with an appreciation for the personal narrative that goes into each object and the dedication it takes to create your own process.

Diana's slide show/lecture was my favorite part and unfortunately I only got to stay for the first half both times. (suppose that is the price you pay when your 7 month old is hungry or sleepy and mr. mom is losing his mind) The back story is so important. You can tell that everything she etches onto her pots means something important to her, every piece of every vessel is informed by her experiences. It was so great listening to the stories behind each drawing.

I've always been a firm believer that a good pot looks like it's creator. You've got to put yourself into it, otherwise.. it's just another object.

Hunter is about to wake up and I have some more thinking (and making!) to do. I had a lot of gradschool flashbacks and need to work through those thoughts as well in another post.

Here are some photos.




and the mandatory Hunter at the hotel shot

I didn't sleep much last night and made some cups/bowls so Hopefully I'll be able to fire these in the next 10 days.


Jen Mecca said...

Those are really great pieces you made in that workshop! I had lunch with Ron P. today and he was talking about your stuff so I had to check it out.
My question for you ( the mom question) is did you take Hunter with you and have him there at the workshop the whole time? If so, what a GREAT mud mama you are and hats off to you!
Loved the Aquarium shot!

monica said...

Hey Jen,

Jake went with us and hung out with hunter from 9-5 each day. He rocked the super dad thing.

I can't wait to make more and fire these guys.

Jen Mecca said...

I like those mugs your working on.

Very cool that Jake went with you. That is the sign of a good "clay Dad"!

Michael Kline said...

Great pieces. I hope I can see Diana work someday!

Jesse Lu said...

Wow these are great. I wish Dianna would give another workshop here in the Bay Area again. She's such a fantastic artist and her technique is so incredible.