Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1187 and cooling

cooling is part of the process, cooling is part of the process. (repeat over and over)

Whenever I'm testing something new I get so anxious to open the kiln pretty much right after it hits temperature.

Regardless of outcome, I don't think I'll be absorbing Diana's technique. I learned some great things and a new way to add color to my work... but the whole etching process is going to drive me insane. Think I'll just stick to sgraffito.

Not that I need to produce X amount of pots because they are flying off the shelf, but the spending a week glazing a small load (it took me 4 days to glaze 10 pieces) will drive me nuts.

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Judy Shreve said...

Monica -- I've been reading your blog & love your new surface treatments after the Diana Fayt's workshop. I agree that too much decoration takes too much time. I'm curious though -- what clay body do you use & do you bisque to ^1 and if so, what temp do you fire to for the final (clear) glaze.