Thursday, August 19, 2010

bad blogger

I'm on my way out to the Atlantic Beach Art Walk and have meant to blog about my last baby kiln load.

Things turned out different than I expected them. I may not have bisqued high enough or put way too much stain on, but it got the ball rolling for me to be a lot more colorful and graphic with my work.

Besides Hunter teething like a mad man, I did get 2 cups into the 2nd Annual National Cup show juried by Ayumi Horie First show I've ever applied to. Hopefully it goes well.

Time to pack up the little guy. Pictures later. :)


Ron said...

I'll be back looking for pics. When did you hear about the cup show? I'm still waiting.

monica said...

Heard from the cup show on the 17th. I've never applied to shows before so I wasn't sure what to expect or when/if they would contact me.

Ron said...

Well, it's good to know that notifications are going out. Maybe I'll get a letter soon