Saturday, August 21, 2010

slowly moving along

So turns out it takes me about 30 minutes to draw on a plate. I'm obsessed with time because I don't really have any.

The above is a plate i'm working on, the alphabet will get black underglaze to fill them in and they wrap around to the back of the plate.

This is a plate for a friends' daughters' first birthday. The text will be filled in with white underglaze.


Ron said...

I like what you've done on the whale plate with the blue circles inside that other color. So you'll come back and paint inside those letters??!
I should have taken that workshop b/c I still don't exactly know whats going on.

monica said...

hey ron, check your facebook messages when you get a chance

Judy Shreve said...

Monica -- these look great!! I love how you've composed the design. Can't wait to see them fired again.