Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday funday

working on working out this layering glazes thing and thinner lines

and a 6 person dinner set. (bowls, plates, cup, serving bowl)

wish I were at NCECA though. So close yet so so far. It's a 4 hrs drive... but with an attached 15 month old it's just not going to work out. We are at the height of separation anxiety, I'm lucky to pee alone without a meltdown from Hunter.


Meagan Chaney said...

Wish you could have gone to NCECA too! It would have been awesome to meet you.

Cooper did great, but then he's only 5 1/2 months and still portable. We'll see how it goes next year in Seattle... he may be in the separation anxiety stage like Hunter is now. Yikes. Good luck to you. And I'm loving your layered glazes.

nazia shah said...

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