Thursday, March 17, 2011

new ideas floating about, test tiles and pots

and then some ideas floating about in my noggin.
I'm trying to explore ways of applying color and my drawing style

I think the layering of colors in a painterly way is a pretty decent breakthrough. Adds depth and space. The pictures don't exactly do it justice since the colors I chose to layer are so pale anyway... but I'm pretty excited.

Here are some that didn't look so great. This was the white engobe over clay body and then translucent glaze over it. The translucent glaze is just flat and thick. Perhaps thinner... but the layering underglzes in the above tiles worked so much better.



i really think you are on to something uniquely you with your drawing style and the PAINTERLY layering on color... i am pursuing a possibly painterly concept myself... different yet... similar move...

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I also love the look. My favorite in this batch is the whale bowl (plate?) with the gray/green center.