Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The (motherhood) balancing act...

So no surprise that I don't get to work as much as I'd like to, and I have to turn down many custom orders to work on one person at a time. I just don't have the time. I think about sending Hunter to day care or pulling all nighters but reality is I can't do either.

Hunter is 15 months today and I thought it would get easier with time, that I would get used to it, find a routine/rhythm... ha... ha? Little man pulls fast ones, he's like a ninja. He's hit the major separation anxiety stage, which is exhausting.

Good news: I can sketch and lay out plans while playing with him.

Bad news: I'm not in the studio making.

Good news: my sketch book is full and it is exciting stuff.

Bad news: I'm not making.

and on top of everything we are **thinking** about having another baby. I'm so torn. I love being a mom, I want my son to be a big brother and have someone to grow up with. I see larger familes and know that the pay off would be great... just have to give up my art for a little bit.


Jen Mecca, Judi Tavil, any other moms out there.. When were you able to find a balance? How did family planning and your desire to make work out?



Mel said...

hey monica! if there is one thing i can say to you it would be: time flies! my kids are teenagers now and the past 17 years have gone by so fast. you'll be busy with them until they are matured, which i guess will not be happening before they are 35... that said, it has been pretty easy until they both went to highschool - so the best is yet to come for you :) puberty has been an absolute nightmare so far... SO enjoy your time with your little one(s) - there'll be plenty of opportunities to hide in your studio once they are old enough and don't want anything to do with you anymore *grin*.

P.S.: i am an only child and never wanted that for my own children. i am glad i had two, even though it has been double the work. at least they have somebody close to laugh with (and fight with :).

Crone said...

You are an incredibly talented artist...but you have also taken on raising another human being. It's a huge responsibility to have both at the same time. For me, I waited till retirement to do art...and missed the many years I could have worked on myself as an artist. I'd highly recommend energy exchanges with other moms/dads to group the kids sometimes so you can have "art dates" (with yourself) just like kids now have "play dates". Don't let being a mom stop your art if you can!