Saturday, June 26, 2010

potter moms

are amazing.

seriously, moms are amazing in general, but the ones that can throw down some clay are extra amazing in my book.

It's 5am (better than 3am, I suppose) Hunter is fast asleep again and I'm trolling blog land and thinking about heading to the studio for some "me" time.

I took a year off from clay work because I was so sick during my pregnancy, I thought once the baby was out I would jump right back in where I left off. I didn't realize how much having a child changes you. I could feel a change but couldn't figure out exactly what that was.

Hunter is now 6.5 months. I have been back in the studio re figuring out who I am. I think it shows in my work. I believe there is more compassion and heart in the objects. I am definitely a lot more detail oriented and pay attention to certain things that I never worried about before.

Sometimes I can get sloppy but that is only because I know nap time is almost over and I need to hurry, but for the most part the new sloooowed down work is working for me. Since I can't be in the studio all day, I work out a lot of things in my head and sketch a ton more. It's a very different approach than before, but I like it.

And I have such an incredible amount of respect for people that have survived infanthood and keep making fabulous work.

Some of my favorite potter mom/bloggers/rulers of the universe

Jen Mecca
She has 3 kids including twins!! I'm in awe. Sure, i'll be the first to admit my huge potters crush.

Leah Bearce Guerin

Viki Hartman

Heather Dahl

Sophie Milne

Jim Guttuso- special shout out to a potter dad

Linda Johnson

- another potter dad

Judi Tavil- the woman who inspired my blogging

These are just some of my favorites, sometimes it is a nice reminder that there are other potter parents out there who find the balance for a happy home and happy studio life.


Jen Mecca said...

You know I started blogging because I just needed to get my thoughts ( and frustrations I guess) out about trying to be two people stuck in one body. Mom- potter! I guess I never thought I'd get so many other Moms sending me post and emails amazed at what I do. It was just never an option to me to stop working or trying to be a full time Mom as well. I'm right there with you on the slow work and sloppy work as well! Thank you so much for your post- stuff like that just fuels the fire and keeps me going!
Good luck to you fellow Mud Mama!
Jen Mecca


Wow... this was a surprise!!!
JEN MECCAinspired my blogging....
I totally am "feelin' you"!!!(that's a crazy "pop culture expression that my 13 year old son(who was 5 when I started with clay 8 years ago) says in his absurdly low voice as he looks almost DIRECTLY into my eyes while letting me know that he needs HIS privacy...(his little brother is 10...I am losing their grip as we speak...))
All I can say, is...
it seriously whips by us!!!
So TRY to be PRESENT when you are with your kids AND PRESENT when you are with your clay...
That's my advice...
BUT...I am very excited for you...
Being a mommy is super cool.