Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kiln shenanigans

Uhhhh.... So really, I'm a novice at kilns. In grad school, I wasn't a ceramics major and the tech did all the firing. I got a small manual kiln right out of gradschool... and then decided to invest in an automatic. I just push some pretty buttons and whamo- stuff is fired.

I began a glaze firing at 6am, everything was going great. At 10am I left for gymboree and the kiln was at 1100 and some degrees. When I came home at 1pm the kiln was off due to a power failure. Not sure why that happened.... :/ and it was at 1000 and some degrees, so i'm not sure when it shut off or what that will do to my glazes. Guess we'll find out late late tonight. I'm slightly nervous, but what can you do.

I need to figure out why the kiln shut off...

I have my best load ever in there. I decided to really take a boat load of time on each piece. The etchings have really come together.

I snapped 2 picture before firing, I should have taken a few more just to document the process and have some sort of visual reference in case they die in the glaze firing.



wish me luck!!

On a Hunter note, he LOVES music Gymboree and banging on bongos. Hilarious and I should post a video soon. :)

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