Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DHR the answer to your (my) problems

I've been stalled out in making anything, so if I can't share about my work, I'll boast about my husband.

He built this site www.dirtyhippieradio.com

not dirty or filled with hippies

It's just a rad internet radio station with great talent who aren't signed up with a major label. The bands (so far 90ish) have great live shows and in my opinion are refreshing compared to what is on the am/fm.

Anyway, I was playing with hunter and needed music.

I don't have much on my itunes so that was crossed off of the list
next I thought Pandora!!! quickly crossed that off because I can't deal with the commercials

then it dawned on me, DHR was the answer and we happily grooved along.

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