Wednesday, December 15, 2010

man oh man...

Not sure what is wrong with me lately...

So this last kiln load... over fired. melted... later pots. I've had 3 days to sit in this information and stew. I've never blown up a kiln load or over fired. ever. Now two back to back mess ups.


So since I only have 3 bowls and 2 plates left, I closed my etsy shop and won't participate in the December north beaches art walk. Bummer.

I haven't had the nerve/heart/energy to go into the studio yet so I've taken this time to do some drawings and work things out design wise in my head. Not sure why i'm never satisfied with what I've got.

Hopefully I'll get back on the horse this weekend and do some testing and test firing. (I fired to cone 5 with a 10 min hold and I only have 4567 cones in the kiln and all of them were down. :/ oops.

So here is what i've been sketching. I'm going to take 2 weeks "off" to do some kiln fixing/testing and working out some glaze color issues.





Ron said...

Sorry to hear about the disaster Monica! What a bummer. Taking some time to reflect and do something different may help. I don't think we are ever satisfied completely. It's good probably b/c if we were then we'd get bored or our work would suffer. That unsatisfied part leads to growth. Take care.

monica said...

what doesn't kill me will make me stronger? :) I was just majorly bummed out because I rarely have time for ceramics and I look at every ruined load as time wasted not sleeping. I love being a mom, but I could do without the sleep deprivation which leads to mistakes in the studio.

I'll figure out this balance someday.


Tell me about it.
We WILL have that drink... It's beginning to look like tequila shots-on me... Hang in.

Never satisfied. I KNOW! WHAt is THAT?

monica said...

lol Judi, at this pace I'm going to need coffee... lots of coffee. Alcohol just slays me. I had one ONE 1 glass of sangria on sunday night, HANGOVER all day monday. Yea.. Tequilla would have me in the ER. ;)

Jen Mecca said...

oh I've had days like that. Nothing like a good "stew" to work through why stuff happens. Feel better..happens to the best of us!