Tuesday, December 28, 2010

chug chug chugging along

Somehow I caught a cold the day after christmas, it's been a fun few days sneezing my head off. But I was getting antsy to start making again so I made two bowls.



and I spoke to Giulietta over at Trouble Coffee Company, we are heading forth with some new mugs. Here are the mock ups. So hopefully at the end of next month, if you're in San Francisco you can pick one up.



I'm so excited about the crab- build your own damn house one.


Christine H S said...

Keep on chugging, because it look great! I like those octopii mugs.(Just looked this up and found out that..."Both octopi and octopuses are in fact incorrect. The correct plural for octopus is in fact octopodes'), but I expect you knew that....?!

monica said...

Ha, thanks for letting me know. (i had no idea) :)

Linda Fahey said...

monica - just found your blog and love it! I too am an ocean-y nature-y inspired potter and really love your work! the whales are great!