Saturday, April 18, 2009

new sketches

I've been working through some new ideas. I have rows of cups sitting on the shelves waiting to be carved and bisqued.

I want to play with a line graphic element and text. Thinking about incorporating a new color next to the translucent light green glaze, maybe a soft matte yellow?

my father in law was talking about collecting sentences the other week and i love that sentence. Ever since then i've been writing ones down that catch my fancy in books, everyday conversation bits. So don't be surprised if a bowl comes out with tiny text that says i wish my mustache was bigger.



Ron said...

I like the idea about incorporating another color. Will you have to start brushing the glazes to get them in the assigned areas or use some sort of resist.
The sentence idea is a good one too.

monica said...

Where the other color comes in i want to add some texture , so I was thinking that if it happens on the top or bottom I would dip, and in the middle brush on. Experiment with that and if brushing on looks lame I would be forced to use the latex resist.

I'm excited about the tiny text additions, I think they'll be really nice juxtaposed with the animals/party hats/houses. Now to see if i want to hand write them in, stamp them on, glaze or no glaze. They next few weeks should be exciting in my little 10x10ft part of the world.

Ron said...

Right on. Sounds good. I've got ideas for some new forms. Flower blocks and maybe some tumblers (which I hardly ever make). I can't wait until Penland!!!