Monday, April 6, 2009

nceca nceca nceca wooooo!

I get on the fancy plane for phoenix tomorrow morning. It will be my first time at a ceramic convention and i'm stoked!!! The main factor in deciding to go was that one of my best friends from undergrad lives in phoenix and i haven't seen him in 5 years. Not sure what i'm more excited about being in the same place as ceramic greats, listening to lectures, and seeing beautiful ceramic things or seeing matt. Both are pretty exciting and right now i'm one happy person.


oh and i'm also getting a new kiln next week. goodbye low medium high dial.

I want to participate in the Nceca cup donation but not sure which one to donate.


I like the dunce and donkey chasing tail. But the dunce has some small pinholing issues.

the donkey will get a few pics because it goes all the way round the cup

regular rainy day mug


Ron said...

Have fun! I'd say the Dunce or the Donkey. Those pinholes don't look bad.
Congrats on the kiln!

Anonymous said...

The donkey is great! Congrats on the new kiln... i assume it has computerized controls, talk about dreamy. Have fun at NCECA.

Claygrl said...

I love the Dunce! Sell it, sell it!

Mel said...

i saw this one (donkey) at NCECA and thought it was familiar... now I remember where I'd already seen it *gg*

monica said...

So glad you noticed it amongst the 980 or so amazing cups! I kinda wish i knew who bought them so I could say thanks.