Thursday, February 3, 2011

husbands birthday!

It's my husbands 30th birthday today.

No pots today just food.

I looked up how to make frosting, never realized how easy it is. I will never buy store bought frosting again. I got so excited with this new skill that I made 3 different kinds.

whipped peanut butter
cream cheese
and white russian buttercream. (i kept adding vodka and kaluha.. so it's a bit strong, but i'm sure jake will love it)


I'm excited to ice the cupcakes and put the cake toppers on :)


15 Painted Cups said...

Oh please please please share the recipe for that white russian buttercream! I just mentioned it to my husband and he flipped out. That sounds like the best idea for icing I've ever heard. Did your husband like it?

monica said...

It was great!

White Russian Buttercream Frosting

1/2 cup room temp. unsalted butter

1/4cup heavy whipping cream

powdered sugar (to taste)

4 tbsp Kahlua (to taste)

2 tbsp vodka (to taste)

gradually mix in powdered sugar. Add Kahlua and more powdered sugar to taste.

feeling extra fat today though :)

Tracy McEvilly said...

i am so making this soon! but maybe with cream cheese?