Friday, January 28, 2011

keep on troublin'


had to remake all of the mugs. Oops.

I've come to the conclusion anything that can go wrong... will. But these cups are pretty rad. Cross your fingers for no more holdups. They should be done and shipped on Monday.

I made 30 mugs and put decals on them.. ha ha.... ha..... fail. My tester piece turned out well... well I did the other ones.. not so much. The iron in the decals totally burned out and you couldn't read the logo, unless you were starring at them for a little while.

so I hired a babysitter and made new mugs and decided to slip trail on the logo.

fingers. cramped. badly.

I can hardly wait till they are packaged nicely and shipped out.


Natalie Thiele said...

They look fabulous! I will keep my fingers crossed for a great outcome.

Jen Mecca said...

Wow..mugs!Once your little one gets older and if you have a college near by...hire a nanny. You don't have to pay a huge amount and for a few hours you can work and they make some extra money without having to work for a corperation and you have some company also during the day. Thants what I did! Good luck