Thursday, October 14, 2010

parents and small meltdowns

So I'm kind of glad that my mom doesn't read my blog, or knows that it exists.

She doesn't understand why I make functional ware, she doesn't understand why I don't just go to target or any other mega chain store. She's starting to try, must give her credit for that, even if she brings her own plates and bowls when she comes over.... :/ I don't understand who wouldn't jump at the chance to eat from our tableware. We have an impressive collection of Ayumi Horie, Brooke Noble, Steven Colby, Ron Philbeck, Jen Mecca, Justin Rothshank, Keith shit.. from Mudstuffing,Judi Tavil, John Britt, Dawn Ferguson, Shoko Teruyuma, Matt Kelleher, Bernadette Curran, Jennifer Allen and the list goes on...

Anyway, I insisted that she eat from one of my new whale bowls tonight and she finally said okay. Once she was done eating, she looked up at me and said "Why do you have to draw whales? can you just keep it to circles and patterns? I hate whales" Oh palm face. Why do I even try?

I just find it so odd that she finds comfort in mechanically reproduced wares lacking a soul and is totally weirded out by handmade objects.

Anyway.. ::sigh:: moving on.



I need to crank out the new work for this months art walk, it's the north beaches 3rd anniversary art walk. The big serving bowls take up so much room in the kiln. I can fire 6 of them at a time, with room for 6 cups. I'm firing right now and not sure how but going to try to make and fire a load by next thursday. :o

I had to play the crazy packing game with the kiln tonight. I might have been a little stressed after dinner. Took 30 minutes to pack a small kiln.... came inside to find some food containers outside of the fridge. I went to put them back in and about had a meltdown rearranging the fridge to make the containers fit. (I might need some sleep)



You need sleep(so do I).
my mom DOES read my blog...
but i don't think she reads YOURS.
She always has something to say...(criticize)...not my work... she learned if she has nothing nice to say... a long time ago when I was a fashion designer...However... when she comes to visit... there is always SOMETHING... small.. after I used to get everything to almost PERFECTION... BAMM..."you know judi, the paint on the bathroom window in the shower is beginning to peel a bit..." WELL... then when I stayed at her house and saw... well... lets just say... I saw plenty to speak of... I just decided, she doesn't even REALIZE how she does that... I figured it out around the age of 40(I'm 41)...I still feel the cut but not as bad anymore... you have sometime... then there is my dad... who had the stroke a year ago ....can't talk(hardly)... I tell him everything that i am doing. he shows some sort of interest but before the stroke I took him to see my pots in the Teapot show at Baltimore Clayworks 2 years ago...( he was an avid high end antique/junk collector) and he was like... BLOWN away that they would spend the time to put together a TEAPOT SHOW... you could just tell... and so... there is something to be said for the soul that comes from it's own place vs. genes... so... those are my thoughts... I need to sleep and so do you!


oops...I'm 42.

Natalie Thiele said...

I am trying to analyze why your mother cannot be supportive of your fabulous talent. I can't come up with anything except condolences. Your work is wonderful.
I hope your mother brags about you to her friends, even if she can't bring herself to give you the compliments you deserve.

fuzzykitty said...

Maybe you were secretly adopted or switched at birth!

Hey when is the artwalk? I'd love to support you and honestly could use a set of bowls! Do you do custom work?

monicapharr said...

Heather! sorry for the late reply. I'm a bad blogger. And I had no idea you read my blog. thanks!

The art walk is a monthly thing here at the beaches where atlantic and neptune beach meet. ( Some really cool artists and restaurants doing their thing.

Depends on the custom work, if it's in my style than yes! if not.. then probably not. I like to stick to my cay body and glazing technique :)