Monday, April 12, 2010

rough few days

man, little man is going through some changes. Suppose his entire life has been some major changes though. Right now if he isn't being held by mommy he has a breakdown. The only thing saving my sanity is knowing that someday he won't want to be helpd by mommy and i better appreciate being needed now.

So i'm a few days late on my AKAR yunomi post. Man, what a GREAT show and online exhibition. Seriously I was drooling. SOOO Much fantastic work.

I need to post my favorites :)and I definitely indulged.. lol. I felt like I needed to since Hunter was having a breakdown and well .. yaknow... this is my kind of retail therapy!

I got these 2

Steven Colby


Rose-Angeli Ringor

So excited to add them to my collection.

little man needs me again. sigh.

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Ron said...

Nice going on the yunomi! Colby's pots are amazing. Wait till you get it in your hands. Have a great day.