Saturday, February 21, 2009

i'm addicted

to etsy.

It's one of those awful and fantastic things. I love looking at other peoples stuff. I'm not a buyer, I hate shopping, I hate buying things just for the sake of nothing else to do. I've never understood the need to buy multiple pairs of shoes ( I own a pair of sneakers and sandals) and have always made fun of people for such activities, but with etsy... I can't help it!!! I woke up at 3am last night went to my happy place on the internet and there was the most beautiful bowl i have ever seen. I tried to hold back but my fingers just kept clicking and I bought it.

I have a long list of artists that I want, but my list of the acquired is growing fast as well (as is my debt).

Here is my want list
kyle carpenter
ron philbeck
Mel Robson
jeff huebner
kristen swanson
David Eichelberger
kip o krongly
Annie Singletary
Brooke Noble

acquired list
John Britt
Joy Tanner
Will Baker
Emily Reason
Naomi Cleary
Ayumi Horie
Kent McLaughlin
Linda McFarling
Judi Tavill
Keith Phillips

yup addicted.

If Jake gets mad at me, I suppose I could hand him plastic dishes to eat out of.

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