Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hippy tree mug

one of my favorite organizations is hippy tree

so I thought I would make and send them a cup.

Threw the forms the other day and now that they are leatherhard I get to carve them. It's funny, I used to love throwing and now carving is definitely my favorite part of the process. Probably because I can clean up much quicker and easier than when I'm covered in wet clay and Hunter is waking up from nap time.




their tagline is the best ever- nature is coming.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

unloaded small test kiln


So I've been experimenting with a really dark clay body and colored slips.

It finally feels like me and the feel I have been wanting to go for. Just need to tweak my clear glaze (get a totally new batch, anyone have a good ^6 clear matte recipe?)

I like pictures

some sandwich plates


dip bowl


batter bowl

serving bowl


caught hunter watching tv (bad mommy)

Monday, April 12, 2010

rough few days

man, little man is going through some changes. Suppose his entire life has been some major changes though. Right now if he isn't being held by mommy he has a breakdown. The only thing saving my sanity is knowing that someday he won't want to be helpd by mommy and i better appreciate being needed now.

So i'm a few days late on my AKAR yunomi post. Man, what a GREAT show and online exhibition. Seriously I was drooling. SOOO Much fantastic work.

I need to post my favorites :)and I definitely indulged.. lol. I felt like I needed to since Hunter was having a breakdown and well .. yaknow... this is my kind of retail therapy!

I got these 2

Steven Colby


Rose-Angeli Ringor

So excited to add them to my collection.

little man needs me again. sigh.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


got a few minutes today

I'm anxious to see how the colored slip turns out.

Since my husband is a graphic designer and really into typography and right now I'm really interested in the alphabet, I should probably go through some of his typography books.